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Breveté Chronomètre. Stem-wind. 1930's. Open-faced

Sub-second. Roman and arabic numbers. Plexiglass. Rotating dial. Lepine
Breveté Chronomètre, Stem-wind, 1930's, Open-faced, rotating dial
Open-faced pocket watch.

Breveté S.G.D.G. Chronomètre. Circa: 1930's.

France. Rotating dial. Silver-plated metal. Stem-wind.

Grey dial. Roman and arabic numbers. Black hands.

Small second hand at the six o'clock. Plexiglass crystal.

Fine condition. Normal wear use for its age.
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Measures: 5,2 cm diameter without crown and 1,2 cm thickness.

Weight: 90 grams.

Antique pocket watches and open-faced pocket watches. Collectibles.

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