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The Eclectic Collector was created in 2005 to sell antiques, writing instruments, fountain pens, watches, vintage accessories, sheet music, books, medals, movie posters, toys and collectibles at competitive prices and with the highest guarantee of quality, authenticity, professionalism and customer service.

From the beginning we opted for the online marketplace, shipping to anywhere in the world whilst building a philosophy based on friendly and approachable customer care, ensuring that our clients are no less than supremely satisfied.

In this world of Internet in which we live, transparency is of great value; indeed it is one of our defining principles.

The items for sale include multiple photos and videos in high resolution, and are described with the utmost detail and transparency, available to all those interested in purchasing.

We hope that our contact information is presented in a clear and accessible manner and that our clients can locate us in a variety of ways. The client will receive clear messages when they purchase an item; a bill will be sent out and then a personal tracking number when the item is finally dispatched.

We accept returns within a maximum period of seven days if the item is damaged in a way not listed in the description. Our client is responsible for delivery costs, unless we decide otherwise.

It should be noted that it is only natural that any antique object, whilst in good condition with minor flaws, will often be characterized by the various intrinsic defects of its time.

Of course, an article with fifty or sixty years of history cannot be measured with the same parameters one would use for a new one, and for this very reason we urge buyers to be fair and reasonable in their judgments. But if you sincerely feel that our work is not of a five star calibre, please contact us directly to solve the problem.

We are thrilled to provide clients who are new to online shopping with a straightforward, comfortable and, above all, enjoyable experience.

We offer our customer various methods of payment: credit card, Paypal, bank transfer (free for European customers) and money orders.

With more than a thousand transactions and extremely positive customer feedback, quality and curiosity is guaranteed!

We hope with your help to continue to improve and grow as a personalized and friendly online business.