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Collectible lighters

Exclusive antique lighters made of uncommon and unique manner!

The exclusive offer of vintage lighters from El Coleccionista Ecléctico is admired and praised by their great collection of antique petrol lighters and old gas lighters.

Origins of antique lighters

In former times, routine tasks such as cooking, heating the household and lighting up the house was obtained through fire and matches were the only ones able of superseding that permanent flame. It would not be until the second half of XIX century, just after the fashion of smoking cigarettes, that pocket lighters and desk lighters became popular.

By the end of the 1920s, Lighters will stop being simple instruments for turning into fashion accessories expressing artistic movements at the time and reflect a particular life style. Manufacturers, with the help of the film industry, advertising and Hollywood celebrities, transform lighters into appealing unisex accessories able to transmit a glamorous look and a very sexy image, the same that will leave a mark in the collective unconscious of European and American society.

Lighters are equipped with a deposit where the fuel is stored, a cotton wick (in tinder’s), methanol in the old ones and contemporary lighters which usually work with petrol or butane compressed. They have a stone connected to a metal wheel that induces to a sparkling light effect which causes the flame. They need a extinguishing mechanism to cut off the supply of oxygen (their main nurture).

The companies that began the revolution of lighter took advantage of the importance of its styling. They actually improved its ergonomics and launched very many different shapes and finishings. Designs of whimsical appearances, references of hammer, scraper, roller and automatic opening. Likewise, lighters made of iron, copper, plated metal, silver or gold which were embellished with pieces of leather, varnishes, engravings, watches or patterns in relief.

You will find all this amazing history in the section of antique lighters from El Coleccionista Ecléctico, with an extensive selection of references and exclusive limited editions from lighters brands: Dupont, Ronson, Cartier and Mylflam.

Lighters Dupont

The S.T. Dupont company is since the 1940s a benchmark in the manufacture of lighters, although it begins its commercial activity by selling leather goods for its illustrious customers and high society. Later, among 1958 and till 1963, the company produces its exquisite line of gas lighters Dupont´s, all of which are made of solid 18-carat gold and 3% of brass.

Why is it made with so little percentage of brass? The impossibility of using this alloying, considered strategic and reserved for producing ammunition during the World War II, made that the brand opted for the use of aluminium and precious metals on its first petrol models and contributed to the launch of that wonderful collection of antique lighters Dupont.

During the nineties, the ensign enhances the production of lighters, focused as luxury goods and exclusive accessories in which quality and craftsmanship prevails.

Lighters laminated in gold and silver and made also with steel, palladium, platinum, Chinese lacquer and other elite materials.

In El Coleccionista Ecléctico you will find different versions of gas and petrol lighters from brands renowned worldwide: in good conditions and in most cases with warranty enclosed, instructions for use or even presented on its original case.

Do not hesitate any longer, acquire your antique lighter and let yourself fascinated by the luxury classic fashion which confers being the owner of one of our petrol antique lighters. You will always give a special present to whom you wish with this line of unisex lighters, we are here to advise you!
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