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The user / customer who buys a product on the website should pay it by one of the systems listed in the store: direct entry into national account, national and international bank transfer, Paypal, Bizum, PayGold, payment by COD and credit card, debit, prepaid and virtual (Visa, Mastercard-Eurocard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club / Discover and UnionPay Internacional).

For cash transfers from banks located within the territory of the European Union should use, if we want to avoid the payment of fees and commissions, the IBAN and the number BIC / Swift.

The card payments are processed through POS external page provided by the bank where information travels protected and encrypted.

The email linked to the Paypal account is In the case of income received by this route is recommended that the registered address on the online store and entered in the PayPal account match.

On rare occasions, the company can accept other payment methods such as hand delivery, money order or Western Union (available at or

COD national payments can be made through Correos (Spanish postal service) and Seur.

The buyer interested in this service must pay four additional euros in the former and 2,5% commission on the item's value in case he chooses express delivery agency.

El Coleccionista Ecléctico sends an email to the customer confirming the purchase of the item.

The email includes information for users who will perform the payment by bank transfer, and a PDF with product features, pricing, billing address, the shipping cost, and delivery method.

The store will send with the order, proof of purchase or invoice with the reference as determined by the buyer, although it is your responsibility to print the details of your transaction to keep the details of the operation.

The website provides a maximum of four days to pay the shopping cart by transfer or direct deposit into account.

If after that time the shop has not received the amount or any messages from the client, the sale will be cancel and the article/s will be available for the other users.

The buyer interested in an insurance policy that will safeguard 100% of the amount of the transaction may, if shipment is managed by Correos and the destination is Spain or abroad, select it during the checkout process.

International express shipments have already included an insurance in transport price and a coverage of up to 1.200 euros.

Prices of items and shipping costs are shown including taxes.

El Coleccionista Ecléctico adopts the most advanced encryption protocols to protect as effectively as possible all personal data provided by its clients.

Your encrypted and safely information travels under a secure environment thanks to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

We use software with full legal protection and security and we have a system for detecting fraudulent business operations in real time.

Buy with confidence: maximum safety in online payments.

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