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Antique and selected assorted miscellany at the best price!

A diverse variety of antiques online in El Coleccionista Ecléctico. We define this category as a mixture of disconnected products from one another, but all of which are included within the world of antiques and collecting respectively.

To be clear and concise, what you will mainly find in this section all those references which are unclassifiable in our online shop -within a specific section- mainly due to be mostly, specific collecting items.

Within this miscellaneous section we would highlight: old oil paintings, enamelled copper as well as hand-painted miniatures. The diversity of items that can be included within this range is highly immense and it goes from vinyl records and handcrafts to graphic art and decorative pieces.

For this reason, we would like you to offer a special place for antique collectors where they can find the most peculiar articles on the market.

If you are a keen on antique miscellany, you will realize that there exists another world totally parallel to the leading products we have for you. So, make from this section your own personal corner by discovering the most motley antiquities on the market.

Plunge into this wonderful world and check yourself by choosing what you like the most!

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