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Collectible toys

Delve into the vintage toys’ collection and discover your own hidden emotions!

A wide variety of antique toys made in different historical periods. Toys that still keep the emotion and happiness transmitted to children at that time.

Interestingly enough, toys convey much more values and information than we believe. By means of them, we are able to imagine what type of entertainment was looked for with the aim of keeping children pleased. And also, how these games were designed and what their position were as regards children.

The collection of these collectible toys is classified into three different parts: antique toys from the end of 19th century; classic toys from early 20th century and vintage toys from late 20th century.

In antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico, you will be able to choose a special and unique gift for either your children or grandchildren. You will revive memories of former times, those remembrances of your childhood. And not only that but you will also be able to add the vintage toy you were looking for to your collection.

For any suggestion or inquire about our articles, please send us an email to info@elcoleccionistaeclectico.com. We can provide you further information about antique toys’ brands and manufactures just as some tips to help you!

Delve into our collection of antique toys in order to discover which toy is the one that could bring back any special memory to you. Buy it also as special present to your family, a close friend or to yourself!

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