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Coins and medals

The most remarkable and unique antique coins and medals on the market!

Eclectic offer of peculiar and antique coins belonging to different periods and exclusive antique medals of different nature: religious, military and commemorative.

The pieces belonging to our religious medals collections have been manufactured in Spain and abroad between the end of the eighteenth century and the 80s. We offer different sizes of the latter, in gold, silver, bronze, aluminum and white metal. The references of our medals’ selection are decorated with engravings, chisels, reliefs and nacre or enamel’s details.

Within the military medals, awards, royal orders, insignias and emblems of military iconography are included. Distinctions coined and awarded to acclaim the triumph in war and to reward both the courage during the combat and the services in defense of the country.

We have commemorative medals manufactured in order to recall events and anniversaries relevant in a context related to culture, science or society.

The antique coins found in antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico are available to be purchased in complete collections or individually. Special items and ideal gifts for those fond of numismatics and medals.  

Find and discover now the best, unique and most exclusive antique coins and medals on our online store and treat yourself with an unexpected gift!

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