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Conditions of use

Name of the company
El Coleccionista Ecléctico

Address: Paseo Zorrilla, 96, 2D, 47006, Valladolid, Spain

HolderOscar Alonso Gallego

Tax identification number11.956.894.E

Website: www.elcoleccionistaeclectico.com

Email: info@elcoleccionistaeclectico.com

Telephone+34 606 45 40 99

City of Courts: Valladolid


The General Conditions expressly regulate the relations arising between El Coleccionista Ecléctico company, located at Paseo Zorrilla, 96, 2D, 47006, Valladolid, Spain, and NIF 11.956.894.E, and Customers who are registered as users and / or acquire products in El Coleccionista Ecléctico online shop. (https://www.elcoleccionistaeclectico.com)


2.1 The Client agrees, in general, to use the Store to purchase products and use each of its services diligently, in accordance with the law, morality, public order and the provisions of these General Conditions, and must also refrain from using them in any way that can prevent, damage or impair the normal functioning and enjoyment of the shop by other customers and / or users or may harm or cause damage to property, rights and interests of El Coleccionista Ecléctico, its suppliers, customers, users, or in general any third person or company involved.


3.1 El Coleccionista Ecléctico reserves the right to decide, at any time, products and items available to customers through the shop. In particular, El Coleccionista Ecléctico may at any time, add new products in the shop, meaning that, unless otherwise provided, such new products are governed by the provisions of these Conditions. Also, El Coleccionista Ecléctico reserves the right to discontinue provide or facilitate the access and use, at any time and without notice, any of the various categories of products offered in the shop.

3.2 El Coleccionista Ecléctico attempt to describe, reliably and accurately, the products included in the shop, to make your virtual image as close as possible to the actual object that will be receive at home.

3.3. El Coleccionista Ecléctico sells only original articles and period objects and rejects copies and imitations that have much lower quality and finish.

3.4. El Coleccionista Ecléctico states that all products offered for sale in the shop are in accordance with Spanish law and are available to customers immediately.

3.5. El Coleccionista Ecléctico reserves the right to increase or decrease, without notice, the price of items displayed on the website if deemed appropriate and while these are not transactions / contracts in progress.

3.6. The specific characteristics of the products and their prices are specified in the shop. The prices of sale items and the shipping and handling costs are expressed in euros and include applicable taxes, unless otherwise indicated. The shipment cost will never be included in the products price, with the exception of promotions or special offers that will be indicated at the time.


4.1 El Coleccionista Ecléctico sends an email to the customer confirming the purchase of the item. The email will detail the product features, price, shipping costs, which vary under the chosen transport option, and data from the various alternatives for payment of the order to El Coleccionista Ecléctico.

4.2 The user that purchases a product on the web must pay it by one of the payment systems detailed in the shop.

4.3 El Coleccionista Ecléctico will send with the article proof of the purchase order or invoice of the item purchased if determined by the buyer.

4.4 It is your responsibility to save and print the data of the transfer if you want to keep the bank details and references of your transaction.


5.1 The shop operates worldwide.

5.2 The products acquire at the shop will be sent to the delivery address that the user indicates once the  payment is checked. We recommend that you provide an address where the packages can be deliver during business hours in order to expedite shipments. The estimated delivery time is determined when the customer chooses between one of the transportation options, except if it comes set by default in the ad.

5.3 El Coleccionista Ecléctico offers the possibility of shipping the order by Correos (Spanish postal service) and through the courier company Seur.

5.4 El Coleccionista Ecléctico always informs the customer by email about the shipment of your order and estimated delivery time, as well as provides the tracking number associated with the article, which you can consult on the website of the shipping  operator. If after a reasonable time, the buyer has no news of the package must contact the carrier and, if the problem is not solved, communicate the problem to our email: info@elcoleccionistaeclectico.com

5.5 El Coleccionista Ecléctico reserves the right to prescribe a particular type of delivery, from those offered on the web, for some items on display in the shop or bind insurance. The company will never be responsible for packages that do not have travel insurance. International express shipments have already included an insurance in transport price and a coverage of up to 1.200 euros.

5.6 The delivery service of El Coleccionista Ecléctico is in collaboration with prestigious operators and they do not usually mislay or lose packages. We will not deliver orders to hotels or other non-permanent addresses, nor will be able to request express delivery to PO Boxes.

5.7 The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the products. At the time of purchase, the user will be informed of the exact cost of transport to be calculated with taxes included.

5.8 El Coleccionista Ecléctico does not charge any cost for the normal handling and packaging of the items, always performed under standards safety.

5.9 Any costs and fees arising from international customs procedures, also the ones originated from the delivery to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are always borne by the purchaser and cannot be attributed or attributable to El Coleccionista Ecléctico.

5.10 The client must check the shipments upon receipt to verify that the package is not damage or shows any signs of having been opened or tampered.


6.1 You can consult all the information concerning the right of withdrawal from our online store in the following page https://www.elcoleccionistaeclectico.com/right-of-withdrawal.

6.4 Customers who wish to exercise their right of withdrawal may do so using the form below. Click here 


7.1 For any incident, claim or exercise of their rights, the user can send an email to the address pedidos@elcoleccionistaeclectico.com. We will answer the question within 48 hours.


8.1 The User acknowledges that all items in the shop and each of the products, information and materials of all kinds contained therein, trademarks, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents and programs computer used in connection with them, are protected by copyright and industrial company's own El Coleccionista Ecléctico or third parties, and that the General Conditions do not confer such rights on intellectual property rights than any other the specifically referred to therein.

8.2 Unless authorized by El Coleccionista Ecléctico or possibly by other owners of rights concerned, or unless it is legally permitted, you may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available or allow access to the public through any means of public communication of any of the elements referred above. The user must use the materials, items and information that they access through the use of the shop only for their own needs, agreeing not to make any direct or indirect commercial use of materials, elements and information obtained through thereof.

8.3 The User must not evade or manipulate any technical mechanisms by El Coleccionista Ecléctico or any third party in the shop.


9.1 You can consult all the information concerning the policy of protection of data from our online store in the following page https://www.elcoleccionistaeclectico.com/privacy-policy


10.1 El Coleccionista Ecléctico facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user who is registered as such on the website. These passwords will be used to access the services provided through the website. The user must maintain under his sole responsibility passwords in strict and absolute confidentiality assuming, therefore, any damages or consequences of any kind arising from the breach or disclosure of the secret. For security reasons, the password for the telematic services access linked to the shop may be modified at any time by the user. The user agrees to notify El Coleccionista Ecléctico immediately of any unauthorized use of your password, and access by unauthorized parties to it.


11.1 You can consult our policy of cookies at the following page: www.elcoleccionistaeclectico.com/cookie-policy


12.1 The website of El Coleccionista Ecléctico adopts the most advanced encryption protocols to protect as effectively as possible all personal data provided by its clients.


13.1 El Coleccionista Ecléctico reserves the right to amend these General Conditions of sale and use of the shop if deemed necessary. Any changes or implementation of a new version will be communicated to customers / users of the web so they can decide whether to accept the change or want to stop using the services of the web, in which case they must notify it: info@elcoleccionistaeclectico.com. In the event that some part or term of these Conditions be declared illegal by a judicial authority the remaining provisions will continue in full force.

13.2 The information contained in these Terms and Conditions for payment and shipping of the items and the description and return of products are complemented on the four sections on the web, which consultation is necessary.


14.1 The general conditions are governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising from the interpretation that might arise concerning the validity, interpretation, performance or termination of this contract shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Valladolid, renouncing the jurisdiction that may correspond the user, provided that the applicable law so permits.