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New website, new image, new projects...everything for you

These last weeks of November 2019 we illuminate our new project that, this time, not only focuses on a process of rejuvenation of the page but also undertakes a profound transformation of the web at all levels, both in the technical part and the appearance visual as in the inclusion of useful features for customers.

We have opted to profile a more fresh and modern corporate image, according to the innovative and constantly growing personality that we want to convey to customers, and by a modification of all the configuration parameters that govern the site, in search of optimizing and improving the experience of use.

We incorporate a category bar and a redesigned cover, with more visual and attractive banners, higher photographic quality in the product galleries, a more powerful search engine, new brands and help sections and a minimal appearance on the information pages and the access to social networks.

In addition, category items can now be organized in 3x3 and 4x4 views and also by price, alphabetical and ascending / descending cost segments and the product sheet has won in presence, with larger images and better resolution and aesthetics more seductive for its part, the user section increases options and functions and is committed to clarity when presenting information and the shopping cart also experiences changes for the sake of functionality.

In addition, we have made a strong commitment to customer loyalty through new promotions, flash discounts, e-points and VIP rates.

A set of measures aimed at increasing the final satisfaction of the user that, as far as possible and gradually, we will also implement in our social networks, the sales portals in which we operate, El Coleccionista Ecléctico blog and the rest of online spaces where we have active presence.



All this without losing our hallmarks: combine the prices contained, ubiquity, immediacy and the window to the global market that offers internet with policies that safeguard the values appreciated by the buyer of a lifetime such as personalized treatment, specialized advice and the proximity to the object.

Therefore, the new page retains everything that makes us special: videos and photos in high resolution, detailed and accurate descriptions, careful selection of references, constant and dynamic attention, agile and efficient transport, professionalism and knowledge of the field, variety and safety. in the forms of payment, maximum responsibility during the commercial process and receptivity to suggestions and feedback with the client.

A real philosophy, tested in thousands of public and private transactions and based on facts and not on expectations, that reaches its zenith in a store with its own personality and reinforced with an integral multimedia structure, of which it nourishes and forms part.

The catalog is conceived in the manner of a list of desires, whims, cravings, desires and impulses. Appeals to the heart and emotions but without underestimating the head.

There is a bit of everything, but always looking for originality, exclusivity, quality, rarity, attractiveness and good conservation.

We feel predilection for items to give to ourselves or our friends, but we do not forget to include items for the most purist collectors and users looking for more modest or normal references.

Twelve categories, with their corresponding subcategories, where special attention is paid to antique and collectible watches, vintage writing articles, antique jewelry and accessories for women, leaving room for many other objects and ideas to light, conserve or stoke the passion for antiques between the young public and the most experienced customer.

We hope you like it and continue to accompany us in this new adventure.

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