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Fountain pens

Fountain pens Montblanc from special editions!

The section of fountain pens from El Coleccionista Ecléctico gathers its own specialised concepts within this passionate world. It is, without doubt, an unknown world and for many collectors somewhat esoteric, but once you dive into it you suddenly not only surround yourself of knowledge but you also become a stylish expert on this field.

This taste for aesthetics is the one recognised by worldwide brands such as Montblanc, Parker, Waterman and Sheaffer which have captured in the face of each of their antique models of fountain pens, the same essence that still remains transmitting a great value. But above all an incomparable sumptuousness due to its mastery and beauty alike.

Parts of a fountain pen

The different parts of fountain pens are the following: the nib, the filling mechanisms, the body and the cap.

The shape of the nib defines the stroke that will appear over the paper. This can excel a rounded outline, an oblique cutting or a sharp edge for italic writing. The nib of a quality fountain pen is distinguished for having a slot which absorbs the ink and transports until the point, some sort of canals through which it circulates together with the air coming by the hole of central ventilation and a rotary comb feeder which canals the ink to avoid any spill.

We can determine the age of a nib by the nib’s abrasion, caused by an incorrect pressure, inappropriate materials and many years of use. A collector of fountain pens needs to clearly distinguish the main sizes existing on the market. Although each manufacturer applies his own standard size. Likewise, the thickness of the line depends upon many different factors:                                                                                          


EF = 0,6 mm width / classified as superfine nib

• F = 0,8 mm width / classified as fine nib

• M = 1,0 mm width / classified as medium nib

• B = 1,2 mm width / classified as broad nib

In our wide selection of fountain pens you could find many different types of filling mechanisms.

These cartridges and converters are included among the simplest and practical filling systems imposed on the market within the possible combinations that brands consider in their models. 

The filling systems which are technically rather complex cover diverse historical methods ranging from fail-safe dropper and piston to flexible tanks (crescent, lever, button, vacumatic, aerometric, snorkel or touchdown).

They have a great value for collectors and they are considered classical filling mechanisms even some of them are currently in use.

In antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico you will find an endless number of designs and finishings. You will discover exclusive and limited collections made with noble resins, creations finished in ebonite and marble-like celluloid, series made of stainless steel, plastic and plated metals and also select pieces of filigree made in silver and gold.

For centuries, the fountain pen plays a crucial role in the cultural spread. Technical development reinforced its capacity to endow with character the art of calligraphy and it turned into a distinguished and elegant instrument. When we talk about fountain pens we are thinking about Montblanc, a German brand, a referent within the sector which is at the forefront in technique and production of fountain pens. In our online shop we have specific collections on this ensign and we are willing to offer you the most information possible to you for buying that ideal piece of writing.

Fountain pens Montblanc

What else can be said of a German brand that has been pioneer in manufacturing and commercializing fountain pens. The granite mountains in the Alps hide the secret of fountain pen's perfection. Among some of Montblanc writing items that you will find in this section there is an outstanding international renowned model: the Meisterstück.

This series has been, as its name suggests, the masterpiece of Montblanc's line, and it will remain because of its quality, presence and versatility. You will be able to compare, in our offers, diverse finishings as much in silver as in platinum metal. Combinations of noble resins and gold-plated items as well as special editions either on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the brand or dedicated to musicians and writers.

The diverse models we introduce from this manufacture cover from the 1930s to the beginning of XXI century. Select and singular items and exclusive editions are waiting for a passionate collector of fountain pen to fall in love with them.

The best quality of fountain pens guaranteed and endorsed by our customers. We give our best service to you. Find through this section your true love for fountain pens.

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