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Pocket watches

Start right now to discover the world of old pocket watches in our antiques online store!

The old pocket watches are luxury items belonging to fine jewellery popularised around 1680 and that one century later, and thanks to the implementation of mass production, adopt more austere shapes and they become affordable for all budgets.

They normally include a fob, chain or 'chatelaine' so as they can be taken out and introduced into the pocket. There are also pieces designed for wearing in the lapel and hanging around the neck or in the form of brooch. In our online antique shop we offer models from diverse forms, width and movements.

Types of old pocket watch and its finishings

According to their appearance, we can be talking about hunter case pocket watches with an articulated cover protecting the sphere, half hunter pocket watches with a hole in the outer lid so as to read the time and stylized open face pocket watches with uncovered front.

The watch mechanism gives us an idea of the time it was made. Key-wind pocket watches are more primitive and have a keyhole in the dial or case so as to wind them. Likewise, Stem-wind pocket watches charging by means of their crown emerged in the second half of XIX century.

The autonomy of these machineries, designed to withstand hits and temperature changes, oscillates between 34 and 40 hours until the emergence, in 1890, of 8 days pocket watches from Hebdomas.

Within our wide selection you will discover old pocket watches made of: gold, silver, plated metal, steel and iron. Occasionally, they are embellished with guilloche, embossed, varnishes and precious gem.

These clockmaking pieces have experimented a constant technical evolution. For this reason, the type of escapement (cylinder, escape wheel, anchor…), bridges, balance wheels and the complexities assembled (chronographs, moon phases, calendars or chimes) gives us a great deal of keys upon this watch we hold in our hands.

World-famous brands of old pocket watches

In such a competitive market, watchmakers acquired relevance due to their innovative capacity, their quality and above all, by their accurate manufactures. Among the sales collection you will find, the following brands of old pocket watches: Omega, Longines, Roskopf, Minerva, Waltham and Elgin.

You will find all these old watches from our collection perfectly functioning and in good conservation status considering their age. You will possess your own pocket watch with just one click.
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