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Postcards and magazines

Postcards from the beginning of the postal era to the Seventies; images that recount the social, urban and rural history of Spain and various other European nations. In black and white and colour; individual images as well as in series; stereoscopes, both enameled and in relief, in traditional and experimental formats (such as pop-up and fold-out designs)… postcards that have taken on iconic status, following the traces of the past. Printed by Hauser and Menet, Thomas, Alsina, Guillén, Zurita, Roisin, Arribas and Garabella; the various collections include bullfighting, sports, erotic scenes, monuments, art, humour and everyday life. The selection reserves a spot for vintage magazines and old-fashioned publications, spanning a wide range of topics of immediate interest to collectors. From science, literature and art to politics, medicine, poetry, geography and modernity. A legacy of tales from the past.
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