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Pencil sharpeners and adding machines

Small and mechanical pencil sharpeners dating from the nineteenth century up until the Seventies; designs from the Spanish brand Playme and the German house, Kum. Professional articles in cast iron, with pencil-sharpeners in the style of the “Jupiter”, “Iduna” and “Clou” made by Guhl&Harbeck and Idea; pieces of U.S. stamp such as those designed by Apsco, Roneo Co. and other manufacturers working for the firms Boston, Planetary and Giant. Pencil-sharpeners from the Spanish brand El Casco, as well as items in metal and baquelite from Staedler, Dahle, Avanti and Caran d' Ache. Mechanic and manual adding machines and calculators for enthusiasts of antique apparatus from prestigious historic firms: Schubert & Salzer with their “Comptator”, Lipsia with the“Addi”, Thales and their office models, Typewriter with the “Addometer”, and other brands such as Triumphator, Odhner and Fowler´s. Vintage technology for the modern collector.
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