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Silver accessories and dressing table items

Sterling silver dressing table items, vanity sets, and antique and vintage fashionable accessories for the gentleman and the lady. Pillboxes, pincushions and needle cases, matchboxes, vesta cases, cigarette cases, buckles, powder compacts; mother of pearl, jet black and lapis lazuli filigree rosaries, pocket mirrors, card holders, brooches and badges, dressing sets, ornamented jewellery and table & desk boxes, key-rings, safety-pins, hatpins, glove stretchers, brushes, perfume bottles, cigar piercers, vanity cases, button hooks, shoehorns, manicure kits, mouthpieces for pipes and cigarettes, letter-openers, notebooks, lipsticks, rigid handbags, picture frame pendants, clasps for capes, tobacco, snuff and salt boxes (as well for various other substances), tweezers, jewellery pieces… designs of the time to please the tastes of each individual customer.
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