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Stickers and trading card albums

Complete and incomplete card albums as well as stickers and collotypes of matchboxes commercialized by chocolate and tobacco companies dating from the end of the nineteenth century up until the 1970´s and 80´s. Prototypes, both in colour and in black and white, covering themes as varied as the cinema, the natural world, modernity, scientific discoveries; the world of comics, motor vehicles, sports competitions, history, space, the human body, ethnology, mediums of communication, the army and literature. Gorgeous items for collectors and enthusiasts published by Cliper, Fher, Sima, Barsal, John Player, Panini, Pacosa Dos Internacional, Bruguera, Ricart, Maga, BilderstelleLohse, Bistagne, Este, Ruiz Romero, Nestlé, Amater, Jacques, Bubí, Juncosa... and many other national and international editors of equal repute.
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