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World-renowned antique wristwatches in beautifully care editions!

Section devoted to the most exquisites and refined antique wristwatches on the market. All designs in stock are from prestigious brands worldwide recognized. Besides, each and every one of these pieces are genuine and have engraved their corresponding traceable serial number. 

The vast majority of pieces included in this catalogue have an optimal conservation conditions, though some of them have tiny marks as a consequence of their use over time. Top watches' brands such as Omega, Longines, Certina or Zenith characterized by their innovative and solid presence in the world of watchmaking.

This available collection of antique wristwatches is classified in two main groups:

Wristwatches for men

It provides a combination of wristwatches and mid-range classic chronographs of mechanical movements produced either by manual or automatic winding or by electronic mechanisms.  

This same line includes analogue pieces and odd digital models in different finishings for men: stainless steel, gold and metal plate. You will also find bracelets and different types of watchbands for old wristwatches: either in leather and rubber. Some of these models have different functions such as calendar, second hand, alarm, chronometer, power reserve or moon phases.

Wristwatches for women

The wristwatches for women possesses among their main features a smaller size. Moreover, they stand out because of their style and functionality. Manufacturers enrich the chromatic range of watch faces and they also include a greater profusion of decorative details, for instance pearls, marcasite, gemstones and cut-cabochon in watches’ crowns.

Casings are made both in silver and vermeil. In addition, modern pieces take button cells’ measure for their own convenience.

The vintage watches gain dissimilar relevance if you are a collector, a professional or a passionate for antique timepieces.

In El Coleccionista Ecléctico we welcome to any type of clients and provide whatever necessary. We supply a reliable after-sales service to you, an express delivery system and, we have a personalised advice service on the full range of antique timepieces and online antiquities

Surprise yourself with such an exclusive variety of vintage wristwatches: the top brands at the best price guaranteed. You will always have the chance of giving a special present whoever you wish to, make from your purchase a unique experience in our antiquities shop!

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