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Antique timepieces

The selection of vintage timepieces from the most prestigious brands on the market!

Horology has accompanied mankind from time immemorial. To measure the time and try to monitor it, has been a dream always pursued by humans.

The seconds set by our antique timepieces take part of our own history. In the past, a timepiece was a luxury item, and that person who possessed had the honour of bringing forward the future. But there was also a pragmatic intention behind all that.

On the streets, gentlemen and well-off people of that time, used to wear wristwatches and pocket watches. To such an extent that a vast majority of them in addition, could also enjoy the luxury of contemplating the time through the table clocks that adorned their halls.

At the height of the industrial revolution, the profession of master watchmaker emerged among diverse European countries. And, in order to measure minutely the hours that the proletariat spent working, these artisans begun to produce pocket watches and wristwatches concurrently. 

Antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico offers diverse brands, all of which are pioneering in timepieces’ production. Each and every one of our vintage timepieces are full of experiences. Besides, we shall certainly be more than glad to provide you detailed information about our items, whenever you wish!

Make that special present whomever you wish by choosing among the different models of vintage timepieces you will find in this section of antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico.

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