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Silver items

The world of sterling silver you were looking forward: unique sterling silver items!

Silver has been object of desire since Pharisees begun free trade agreements among adjacent nations along the Mediterranean Sea.

That is the main reason why sterling silver is a valuable material. Another major reason is that It is one of the most malleable materials because of its intrinsic properties which makes it adaptable to multiple shapes. Said ductility enables the manufacture of diverse articles such as showcase items, ornamental silver, silver tableware, accessories, toilet articles and many other silver pieces.

If you are a keen on everything related to silver antiques, our mission is to encourage you to discover the vast quantity of different articles we can offer you within this section.

Here in antiques El Coleccionista Ecléctico, we hope you find it those things that gets you more excited. The collection of sterling silver items assembles -chiselled on its precious metal body- unforgettable memories from past times.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to receive a personalised attention and obtaining further information about each one of our offers!

The world of sterling silver you expected. Explore the variety of antiques and silver items, either ancient or modern, manufactured in different epochs and make that special present whomever you wish. 

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